05 February, 2012


22 January, 2012



Counting down 4 months to holiday trip. Mummy must be feeling happy that I'm staying at home today with my siblings instead of going out. Can't wait to go grandparents place tomorrow collect red packets, gamble, gather, gossip and many more.

Have a great reunion to everyone :)

10 December, 2011

This was taken last month at some bridal boutique. The gown was beautiful but not the best that I've seen.

07 November, 2011

I'm in a mess now because I have many things to complete within a few years.

* Wedding Photo Shoot
* Wedding Dinner
* House Renovation

To settle everything at one go is definitely not possible because each and every little part of it spells money.

  1. HDB - an easy process but things changed when it comes to staying together and the money that both is willing to throw in.
  2. Wedding Photo Shoot - many boutiques for you to choose from local to overseas. The factor lies on the money and what's in the package. Not forgetting the Quality ann Gown designs.
  3. Wedding Dinner - another easy one. Rich people can always go for branded hotels without any hesitation while the poorer ones are happy enough to hold in a affordable restaurant. Ultimately, it all boils down to the taste of the food and the coordination from reception table till the guests leave the ballroom.
  4. House Renovation - a place where both starts a family so what kind of design both would want it to have as this might last up to five years or even longer unless rich enough to change as and when you like.
The journey is going to be difficult. For me, I want the best so I expect the best in everything. Best renovation, best wedding hotel, best wedding photo shoot .etc is going to scare my husband away. But I believe that it is possible to achieve by working extra hard.

** Special thanks to parents, aunt and sister who put in the effort to accompany us and giving endless patience and attention. I am not prepared in choosing any for now...

30 October, 2011



Attend Doreen's cousin wedding yesterday at Fullerton Hotel. Such a pity parents can't make it because they need to work. Got my hair curl up and make up artist to doll me up. I love to doll up but I'm lazy to do it by myself.

Cousin's wedding is fabulous. Fullerton hotel? Who doesn't want. But I'm not going to hold mine there because I love "XXX HOTEL" more. Well, we need to wait for majority of the guests to arrive because the ballroom doors are open.

Professional photographers were hired to take polaroid photos. A mini temporary studio is set up at the reception for everyone's entertainment. Took quite a few and it's really nice. There are also some Halloween props to add on.

Adding on to make it a blast, they invited the pianist PHOEBUS CHAN from Hong Kong specially for their wedding to play piano throughout instead of the usual love songs that were play in many wedding dinners. Food was tasty especially the sharksfin and the dessert.

Wedding favors displayed on the tables for the guests are unique as well. Two different designs on alternate tables. Took many photos and will upload to facebook soon. Overall, I enjoy the wedding night. Can't wait for my turn, I want the best of all. It's only once in a lifetime.

26 October, 2011


Awesome happenings:

* Am waiting to book appointment at 10AM to re-contract for an iPhone 4S. Best thing is I do not have to wait for 21 months but no voucher will be grant. First batch is considered as white mouse so should I get now or wait? White or Black?

* Today is a public holiday and I don't have to work. Arranging for Marina Barrage trip with siblings and cousins in the evening for some gathering.

* Cousin's wedding at Fullerton this weekend. Dolling up day! :)

* Wedding fair next week, going down to take a sneak.

* Birthday is arriving in less than 3 weeks.

More to come...

02 October, 2011


Grandma's wake is over. It was tiring and boring for the past few days especially the killer hot weather. But our sweat was worth it because it's for her.

Hope she can live well in the other world and look after all of us in the world. She might have left us, but she stays in our heart for always.

"Treasure your loved ones before you regret"